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Our Objectives

  • Further development of the BALTIC SEA FORUM into an even more competent service centre for its members, partners and institutions in the Baltic Sea region.

  • Lasting improvement of the information and co-operation network between BALTIC SEA FORUM, representatives, members and partners.

  • Support of the European Commission, the German government, the senate of Hamburg, as well as the provincial governments of Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in activities regarding the Baltic Sea region.

  • Development of a deeper co-operation with some of the most important NGOs operating in the Baltic Sea region.

Our Work Philosophy

BSF - The Partner for the international exchange of ideas
Events: Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Contacts
The BALTIC SEA FORUM offers a platform for co-operation, training, discussion, and the exchange of ideas. For that reason, we provide a Baltic sea wide network of representatives. We also work closely together with a number of organisations in the Baltic Sea region.

BSF - The competent information centre
Information: Publications, Research, Inquiries, Online-Services
BALTIC SEA FORUM informs about the region and contributes thus to the peaceful development of the region. BSF publishes and supports a number of publications. It also serves as an information centre for its Members, Partners and Institutions.

BSF - The Contact Office for Project development and Know-How
Contacts: Relaying, Information, Investigation
The BALTIC SEA FORUM provides its members, partners and institutions through a network of contacts with access to companies, institutions, government officials and individuals with professional know-how regarding the realisation of projects in the Baltic Sea region.


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