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Statement of Purpose

In accordance with its statutes, the purpose of the society is the promotion of co-operation across borders within the Baltic Sea region. The society gives the interests of the region a voice within the wider process of European integration. Thus it hopes to foster the peaceful development within the region. The society is a non-profit-making organisation and it is bound by laws pertaining to this status.

The society and its activities rest on following concepts

  • Concept "Baltic Sea region"
    The BALTIC SEA FORUM is the meeting point for all interested persons, companies and Institutions from the countries of the Baltic Sea region and from other countries that are interested in establishing co-operations in the region. The main focus rests on the three Baltic states, Poland, Russia and the other EU candidates in the region.

  • Concept "Northern Dimension"
    The society will participate in the further development of the Northern Dimension. It supports the Northern Dimension as an important tool for international co-operation in the Baltic Sea region.

  • Concept "Consulting"
    The society acts within the limitations of a non-profit-making organisation as consultancy, advisor and mediator. It offers members as well as interested individuals a platform for the exchange of opinions and ideas. The society realises or supports as patron projects in the field of politics, economics, society and culture.

  • Concept "Partners"
    The society collaborates with a number of event organisers, NGOs, commercial chambers, universities, research institutions and administrative institutions. Furthermore, the society expands it network of contacts steadily in order to improve the quality of its activities.


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