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The Baltic Sea Forum e.V. was founded in 1992 as Pro Baltica Forum e.V. It possesses a representative network of members from the business world, politics and administration. The Baltic Sea Forum is a private organisation which works closely together with a number of governments as well as with state-wide, regional and local institutions. The Forum renamed itself on the 20th March of 2003 in order to express its focus on the whole Baltic Sea region even more clearly.

The Baltic Sea Forum has representatives in Bremen, Brussels, Helsinki, Kaliningrad, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Oslo, Riga, Schleswig-Holstein, St Petersburg, Stockholm, Tallinn, Vilnius, and Gdansk.

9th Maritime Business Lunch themed
Port 4.0 - Innovations and Challenges - as well as New Routes

10.02.2020, Hamburg

We invite you to the 9th Maritime Business Lunch aboard the Rickmer Rickmers on February 10, 2020. For registration please mail to, keyword: Maritime Lunch


Real-time Information for Ferries in the Baltic Sea

22.08.2019, Lübeck, Germany

Since 2018, the BALTIC SEA FORUM has been a partner in the new EU INTERREG project RTF (Using real-time information from ferries to optimize intermodal transport chains in the Baltic Sea Region). Lead partner is the University of Rostock.

The project RTF is concerned with the generation, provision and use of real-time information for ferry traffic in the Baltic Sea region. Real-time information plays an increasingly important role in international traffic.

The aim is to extend the dissemination of real-time information from ferries to the Baltic Sea region, using selected lines and pilot solutions for different user groups (passenger traffic, logistics, private transport).

With our event, we want to give initial information about the project and receive suggestions and practical expectations for further work.


Shipping with new energies

On the occasion of the Berlin-Energy-Week-2019 the BALTIC SEA FORUM will organize an informative and expert discussion on the topics alternative marine engines and synthetic fuels on April 10, 2019 from 2:00 pm in the Schleswig-Holstein State Representation in Berlin.


Baltic Sea Forum Newsletter



Under the direction of Hafen Hamburg Marketing e.V. (HHM), the Baltic Sea Forum is involved in the project INTERREG EMMA to strengthen inland and coastal shipping in the Baltic Sea region. The EMMA consortium consists of a total of 21 partners from Germany, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, and Sweden. Thematically, EMMA deals with the particularities of the individual markets in the field of inland waterway transport and the different stages of development regarding the integration of the transport carrier inland waterway as an efficient economic alternative in international logistics chains. On 06.11.2018 the final conference will take place in Brussels. Following on 9.11.2018 the results will be discussed during the Round Table in Duisburg and the potential for cooperation between European regions will be discussed.

Invitation to the Round Table Überregionale Kooperation in der Binnenschifffahrt


Photo Copyright Hafen Hamburg Marketing e.V.



Baltic Sea Clean Maritime Award, an Environmental Prize for Baltic Sea Region and the maritime economy and science

Awards ceremony on Wednesday, June 14th 2017 at the 8th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR, which will be hosted by the Federal Foreign Office together with the CPMR - Baltic Sea Commission and in close cooperation with the European Commission.

Please apply for the 4th BSCA Award in 2018. We will send you application form. Just send us an email to:

Award Ceremony 2017

Press Releases BSCMA 2017 (PDF) (ca. 130 K)
Press Releases BSCMA 2017 (Annex) (PDF) (ca. 121 K)

Baltic Sea Forum as a partner in the Let's communicate! project

Let's Communicate

The Let's communicate! project, funded by INTERREG Baltic Sea Region Programme, functions as the Communication Point of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR). The project aims to maintain and develop further the internal and external communications of the EUSBSR framework. It has a strong partnership consisting of representatives from all Baltic Sea Region countries and pan-Baltic organisations.

Let's communicate! administers the EUSBSR website, Twitter, Flickr, and Youtube accounts. The project gathers current information about EUSBSR developments to its communication channels, promotes the use of the EUSBSR visual identity and provides with communication support and tools to the EUSBSR stakeholders. In addition, the project will reach out to new target groups in order to attract new stakeholders to take part in action.

The project is partly funded by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund). Baltic Sea Forum is a partner in the project. More information:

Lead Partner: Centrum Balticum
Contact at Baltic Sea Forum (BSF): Dr. rer. med. Markus Köhl,

Join the conversation on Twitter:

Let's communicate basic facts:

Lead partner:
Centrum Balticum Foundation (FI)

Core partners:
VASAB Secretariat (LV)
Pomorskie in the European Union Association (PL)
Baltic Development Forum (DK)
Eastern Norway County Network (NO)
Vilius Chamber of Commerce (LT)
Baltic Sea Forum (DE)

Associated partners:
Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (SE)
Baltic Sea Commission of CPMR
Estonian Ministry for Foreign Affairs (EE)

35 months / 2,5 years

588,700 EUR (ERDF 457,900 EUR)

Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme (Priority 4)

Let's communicate!

Baltic Sea Forum is partner for the EU project Let's communicate!, which is coordinated by Centrum Balticum. The aim of the project is to develop and test a communication strategy for the Baltic Sea strategy of the EU. Please find more information at:


The Baltic Sea Forum as Partner of the EMMA Project

The Baltic Sea Region (BSR) with its growing transport volumes especially between East and West and its insufficient road and rail infrastructure needs innovative and pragmatic solutions to cope with future requirements on transport facilities. Rivers, canals and also the Baltic Sea have huge capacity reserves, whereas road and rail infrastructure already is in some parts of the Baltic Sea Region overloaded.

However, Inland Waterway and River-Sea Shipping (IWT) still do not play the adequate role in the transport system to its potential. All in all ship transportation has many advantages compared to alternative modes like road and rail. In particular, it is cost efficient and environmentally friendly compared to the other modes. However, too often, inland shipping is not even considered as transport alternative by many forwarders and stakeholders in the transport sector.

The question that needs to be answered is how the modal share of IWT can be increased in the Baltic Sea Region countries. The implementation of pilot activities, their promotion for wider acceptance and information that addresses the specific target groups is required! This is why Port of Hamburg Marketing jointly developed the EMMA project with 20 partners from the 5 BSR countries.

Co-Operation with Russia is essential

Interview with Dr. Gabriele Kötschau, board member of Baltic Sea Forum and head of the St.Peterburg branch of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

Download: Sonderbeilage THB Deutsche Schiffahrtszeitung (PDF) (ca. 840 K)

INTERREG 2015-2020

Download: INTERREG Programme Fact Sheet (PDF) (ca. 358 K)

New Brochure: INTERREG IV - Projekte mit Hamburger Beteiligung

Download: INTERREG Projekte mit Hamburger Beteiligung (PDF) (ca. 38881 K)

There are separate web sites for the regions:

Interreg turns 25

Download: Newsletter (PDF) (ca. 1392 K)

UN Delegationsreise zum politischen Forum auf höchster Ebene

Das Baltic Sea Forum veranstaltet am 07. Februar 2017 in der UN einen Site Event unter dem Titel Sustainable transport as strategy for the eradication of poverty with focus on inland transport and employment generation to implement social development - How the Baltic-Sea-Region-Project EMMA supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (Conference Room CR B Conference Building CR, United Nations Headquarters New York. Die BSF-Veranstaltung findet parallel zur Fifty Fifth Session of the Commission for Social Development statt.

Im Rahmen der Präsentation der ministeriellen Gutachten der UN Mitgliedsländer wird das Baltic Sea Forum bei einem Side Event am 20. Juli 2016 im UN Hauptquartier in New York von Prof Kurt Bodewig vertreten. Auf Einladung des Direktors Paul Maseli von der Organisation der Vereinten Nationen für Industrielle Entwicklung New York, wird Kurt Bodewig zum Thema Entwicklung der Infrastruktur in den ärmsten Entwicklungsländern im Rahmen des nachhaltigen Entwicklungsziels 9, Industrie, Innovation und Infrastruktur, referieren. Dabei wird die Erfahrung des Baltic Sea Forums als Modell einfließen.

Der Austausch wird bei einem Arbeitstreffen des BSF vertieft. Daran werden u.a. teilnehmen:
Juwang ZHU, Direktor, Division for Sustainable Development,,
Daniela Bas, Direktor, Division for Social Policy and Development,,
sowie der Parlamentarischen Staatssekretärin Rita Schwarzelühr-Sutter.



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