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Results of the first BSCM Award 2013

New Prize for the Environment of the Baltic Sea Shipping:
Baltic Sea Clean Maritime Award - awarded for the first time

For eco-minded seafaring on the Baltic Sea, the Baltic Sea Forum (BSF) founded the environmental prize BSCM Award and has donated it for the first time in September 2013. BSF Chairman Kurt Bodewig, former German Federal Minister announced the winners of the first award at the closing conference of the European Community project InnoShip.

With its price foundation the Baltic Sea Forum supports all efforts to preserve the highly vulnerable Baltic Sea ecosystem from damage by maritime traffic. As a small sea area with less than 60 meters average depth very shallow, the Baltic Sea nevertheless records the world's highest traffic density, second only - if - to the English Channel. Trafficking goods and passengers by sea is the most established kind of transportation in the Baltic region and thus, in principle at least, an environmentally friendly and most economically transport. The high regional economic growth and prosperity in the countries bordering the Baltic Sea depend on the easy sea transportation routes at a large scale.

The reverse of the coin is that the shipping and port industry are viewed as a major contributor of pollution around the Baltic Sea nevertheless. For this reason, pretty much years ago (HELCOM 1974 eg) policies and regulations were established to reduce the environmental impact to the maritime sector. The European Union promoted this as a strategic project by defining the Baltic Sea macro-region as a first one for cooperation and development on a regional level.

To support these activities the Baltic Sea Forum (BSF) in collaboration with the EU InnoShip project founded the Baltic Sea Clean Maritime (BSCM) Award. The prize will promote innovative and environmentally friendly ideas, projects and solutions in the Baltic Sea, which allow:

  • reduction and prevention of emissions by ship and port operations and
  • support the coordination of the different interests and needs in the maritime environment.

The price consists of three categories:

  • Technology, Propulsion and Engines,
  • Infrastructure Development and
  • Operational Management

and is to be awarded annually in the future. Its shape is composed of a glass sculpture together with a certificating document. Some two dozen companies and institutions took part at this year's first competition.

For the jury of the BSCM Award 2013 noted experts have been gathered, among them Olof Widen, chairman Finnish Shipowners; Heidi L. Neilson, Head of Environment, Port of Oslo; Markku Mylly, Director of European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA ); Tommy Halén, CEO of Trelleborg Hamn AB; Ralf Nagel, CEO Association of German Shipowner; Prof. Ehlers, Board Member of the Baltic Sea Forum, former President of the BSH, Dr. Ulrich Bauermeister, Managing Port Development Rostock mbH.

The winners of the BSCM Award 2013 were:

Category A: Technology, Propulsion and Engines

  • 1st price: Viking Line (Project : VIKING GRACE - NB 1376)
  • 2nd price: Port of Trelleborg (Project: Conversion of existing modern RoRo Ferries for running with methanol)
  • 3rd price: Color Line / Color Line Marine (Project: Exhaust gas scrubber installation / Shore power installation)

Category B: Infrastructure Development

  • 1st price: AIDA Cruises and Becker Marine Systems / Hybrid Port Energy (Project: LNG hybrid barge)
  • 2nd price: Brunsbüttel Ports (Project: LNG bunker station Brunsbüttel)
  • 3rd price: Klaipeda State Seaport Authority (Project: LNG Terminal Project in Lithuania)

Category C: Operational Management

  • 1st price: Germanischer Lloyd SE (Project: GL Environmental Passport - operation)
  • 2nd price: Hamburg Süd (Project: GL Emission Manager)

Special Category - engagament on Universitiy Level:

  • Jade University of Applied Sciences (Project: Development of a transport concept for the supply of offshore wind farms in the German Bight)


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