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The Baltic Sea Forum e.V. was founded in 1992 as Pro Baltica Forum e.V. It possesses a representative network of members from the business world, politics and administration. The Baltic Sea Forum is a private organisation which works closely together with a number of governments as well as with state-wide, regional and local institutions. The Forum renamed itself on the 20th March of 2003 in order to express its focus on the whole Baltic Sea region even more clearly.

The Baltic Sea Forum has representatives in Bremen, Brussels, Helsinki, Kaliningrad, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Oslo, Riga, Schleswig-Holstein, St Petersburg, Stockholm, Tallinn, Vilnius, and Gdansk.

Annual Meeting of Baltic Sea Forum e.V.
10.12.2015, Hamburg, Germany


Co-Operation with Russia is essential

Interview with Dr. Gabriele Kötschau, board member of Baltic Sea Forum and head of the St.Peterburg branch of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

Download: Sonderbeilage THB Deutsche Schiffahrtszeitung (PDF) (ca. 840 K)

INTERREG 2015-2020

Download: INTERREG Programme Fact Sheet (PDF) (ca. 358 K)

New Brochure: INTERREG IV - Projekte mit Hamburger Beteiligung

Download: INTERREG Projekte mit Hamburger Beteiligung (PDF) (ca. 38881 K)

There are separate web sites for the regions:


The Baltic Sea Forum is currently involved with a project proposal aimed at strengthening inland and coastal shipping in the Baltic Sea region. This project, titled EMMA, was submitted by the Port of Hamburg Marketing as part of the INTERREG Baltic Sea Region Programme. The prospective EMMA consortium consists of 21 partners based in Germany, Finland, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden. Thematically, EMMA focuses on the specifics of particular markets in the inland waterway sector as well as different stages of development with regard to the integration of inland waterway vessels as an efficient economic alternative in international supply chains. The verdict of the project proposal will be decided at the end of November.

Photo Copyright Hafen Hamburg Marketing e.V.

Interreg turns 25

Download: Newsletter (PDF) (ca. 1392 K)


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